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When legal issues come up, you don’t want to waste hours doing your own research, and you don’t want to risk making a costly mistake. With BizCounsel, it’s never been easier to get the legal help you need. You’ll have a team that’s got your back, with the assurance that everything’s done right.

Get personalized legal help in minutes

We don’t expect you to be a legal expert. That’s why we take care of your business’ legal needs in one place. With BizCounsel, legal help is just a phone call away.

Put more time into what's important

Stop wasting time researching the law, reading through contracts, or trying to make template agreements work for you. Let us take care of the legal stuff, so you can put more time back into your business.

Be confident you’re doing it right

Contracts. Leases. Employment issues. Business structure. Debt collection. Taxes. Whatever the issue, you’ll be 100% confident it’s done the right way with BizCounsel.

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Legal advice and guidance without paying by the hour

Speak with your attorney whenever you need to - about whatever your business needs. Never be scared of a big bill just to pick up the phone.

Tech Enabled

Get contracts reviewed quickly and conveniently

Need to make sure a contract is OK to sign? We’ll cut through the legalese and make sure it’s fair. We’ll read through the fine print to protect you from "gotcha" clauses.


Custom drafted documents with 100% price certainty

When you need a custom-drafted contract or agreement, you'll get an upfront, fixed-fee quote for the project. No running time clocks, and no hidden charges.

Packages designed for small business



  • Unlimited consultations with a dedicated attorney that can grow with your business.
  • Upfront, flat-rates for any custom document drafting
  • No cost registered agent services included ($300 value)



    All the features of Basic, plus:

  • Two contract reviews of 10 pages or less included per month ($300 value)
  • Access to BizCounselNOW™ - Get quick answers to questions and short documents by email
  • On-call tax advice and discounted tax preparation from a team of tax professionals



    All the features of Basic and Premium, plus:

  • Add 5 extra pages to your included contract reviews (15 total pages per contract) ($470 value)
  • No cost registered agent services for up to 3 entities ($900 value)
  • Compliance Monitoring and Filings -- We'll proactively file reports to ensure compliance with Secretary of State regulations
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you offer such affordable prices? What’s the catch?

    At BizCounsel, we’re changing the economics of the legal profession so that the system works better for everyone. No one wants to pay $300 per hour just to speak to their attorney. And on the other side, lawyers make most of their income by drafting contracts and performing real legal work, not by simply talking to clients.

    By offering advice and consultations for a fixed monthly fee, we hope you’ll build a long-lasting relationship with your attorney based on trust. Then, when you need a contract drafted or need real legal work done, you’ll turn to your BizCounsel attorney first.

  • How do I know my lawyer is any good?

    Every BizCounsel attorney has spent a minimum of 7,500 hours crafting solutions for small business owners. Every attorney is fully licensed by the state, graduated from an ABA-accredited law school, and is in good standing by their respective state bar associations.

    Just as importantly, we ask our members to review every attorney, and we are always providing our attorneys with up-to-date technology, continuing legal education and client feedback for improvement.

  • What kinds of legal issues can I run by my attorney?

    Your BizCounsel attorney can advise you on most legal issues that affect small businesses. These include vendor and customer contracts, client disputes, lease agreements, employment matters, service contracts, debt collection, corporate formation, regulatory compliance and more. However, there are some limitations. Please see the Legal Plan Contract for details.

  • Is it easy to get started?

    Absolutely. It only takes a few minutes to get up and running once you chat with one of our team members. We can schedule your first consultation with your BizCounsel attorney usually within 24-48 hours.

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