It's time the legal industry
got a makeover.

For too long, lawyers have only charged by the hour. This approach provides little incentive to work quickly. At BizCounsel, we’ve taken a completely new approach. We invest in technology, focus on efficiency and pass the savings back to you. Our goal isn’t to be a cost item for your business— we aim to be a partner in your success.

Why BizCounsel is better

Never pay by the hour again.

The concept of the billable hour is antiquated. With BizCounsel, you'll never pay "0.2 hours" just to talk to your attorney or have them read an email.

Transparent pricing for
custom drafted documents

For custom document drafting, you’ll get an upfront flat fee quote. No hidden fees, no extra expenses. Just one flat fee quote to get your project completed the right way.

Technology at the heart.

Our automation and workflow technology allows our attorneys to work three times more efficiently compared to traditional attorneys. We pass these savings back to you.

Started by the founders of LegalZoom.

BizCounsel was started by the founding team at LegalZoom. We saw the need for an alternative to high-priced lawyers who charge by the hour for customized legal projects and high-end services.

Expert attorneys. Not jacks of all trades.

Our attorneys average 15 years of experience working with startups and growing businesses. They're experts in their field and can help with everything from business structuring to contracts to financings.

Our secret sauce - Technology.

Most lawyers in small private practices spend only a tiny fraction of their day practicing law. By modernizing our practice, our attorneys spend 100% of their time doing what they were trained to do— practicing law.

Aligning our incentives

Even if we adopted all of the efficiency-boosting measures in the world, it wouldn’t make much of a difference if the economic incentives aren’t aligned. The hourly fee is the ultimate disincentive to work faster and smarter.


Unlike with traditional law firms, we're able to spend most of our time working with our clients rather than on administrative tasks. That's a breath of fresh air for both clients and attorneys alike.
Keith Strahan, Esq.

See how we’ve reimagined the legal experience.

  • Complete price transparency
  • No billing by the hour
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