How a Successful Marketing Agency Uses BizCounsel for Legal Certainty

With Matthew Ceran, Owner

Meet Matt Ceran, Owner of 565 Media

Matt operates 565 Media, a successful marketing agency that helps his clients achieve great ROI, customer acquisition, tremendous cost per acquisition, memorable internet marketing and optimal custom websites.

Matt and his team of data analysts, marketing specialists and graphic designers offer specialization in social media advertising, search engine marketing, and email marketing, plus visual and video assets designed by their creative studio that help campaigns succeed. As a performance marketing agency, the 565 Media team has unparalleled expertise to identify the most profitable user acquisition channels and provide a data-driven approach in its digital advertising strategies.

With an established history of success in ecommerce analytics and digital marketing, 565 Media is ready to continue growing, helping businesses small and large. 565 Media have already been able to provide noteworthy service to businesses across the spectrum, including The Blk Tux, Entireworld, Pair of Thieves & Solid & Striped.

Why 565 Media needed certainty in getting legal help

When Matt Ceran was looking for assistance in getting some legal contracts reviewed and some new ones drafted, Matt had previously worked with an hourly attorney. Matt shares, "My former attorney would quote hourly rates to me and as soon as we hopped on the phone, I knew my bill was adding up." Matt was shocked not only when the hourly quote he was given by his attorney had almost doubled by the time the work was finished, but the time spent talking on the phone was included in the bill as well.

"I wish I had just known exactly what the price was going to be up front. I wouldn't have spent so much time talking to the guy on the phone!"

So, when Matt's next contract needed to be looked over by an attorney, Matt had to find more certainty for the assistance his business needed.

How BizCounsel brought certainty to solving their legal needs

Matt was able to work with BizCounsel and discovered BizCounsel stood out in a few key ways:

  • Price Certainty: Matt explains when he needed his BizCounsel attorney to draft a document for him, after going over the specifics of what his document needed, his BizCounsel attorney was able to get him an up front, flat fee quote. Matt let us know all he had to do was pay the fee and his BizCounsel attorney got to work and provided him a timeline of when it would be completed.
  • Immediate Help: Matt shares he was able to get immediate help from his BizCounsel attorney for assistance in negotiating another contract. Matt says, "All I had to do was schedule a consultation with my attorney in my BizCounsel portal and we were able to hop on the phone to discuss the best way to handle my negotiations."
  • Proactiveness: Matt mentioned he was certain he didn't really have any other legal issues he needed help with, but, after completing his BizCounsel Legal Health Scan, BizCounsel was able to let him know that there were other potential competing companies using his name. Matt confessed, "I'm not sure what trouble I would be in without BizCounsel giving me a head's up."

Legal certainty means taking the guesswork out of running a business

"What's included in the benefits of the membership are insanely affordable. I can hop on the phone with my attorney whenever I need to and I can even have important contracts, like my SOW or new client contracts, reviewed by my attorney all for the cost of the membership each month and that means I know what I need to do next."

With BizCounsel on Matt's side, Matt feels he can focus on doing things correctly the first time and knows how much it's going to cost. Matt exclaimed this brought so much relief to working with multiple, big name clients.

"I feel satisfied running my business with BizCounsel in my corner. I know they're working to make sure I'm in the know and making the most informed decisions that I can."

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Matt! In short, as 565 Media says, "We succeed when you succeed."

Matthew CeranMatthew Ceran
Working With Traditional Attorneys:

Hourly rates from traditional attorneys were a hassle, quickly piled up.

Working With BizCounsel:
  • Straightforward, flat-fee pricing
  • Ease-of-use booking appointments with attorneys
  • Protected against potential legal issues

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  • Complete price transparency
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