How a trading company uses BizCounsel for a personal legal touch



PlayBit is one of the most advanced trading communities in the world.

PlayBit is an educational service and community providing memberships and classes that focus on strategic investment, securities trading and cryptocurrencies. PlayBit helps teach their clients to trade stocks, options, crypto and futures through fundamental resources and tools such as a daily watchlist, real time options flow data, crypto chat rooms and even credit guidance. They also offer live trading streams and even monthly giveaways.

With a team of over ten analysts constantly scanning the market for potential entries and unusual activity, they work to be sure their clients don't miss a thing. Their platform is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed anywhere in the world. They even offer their clients a class they can attend via Zoom to learn how to master advanced options and spreads.

Having just started operations in 2020, PlayBit already has fourteen thousand members, an 86% trade accuracy rate, and their client profits are above $3 million. PlayBit is working to continue to grow the PlayBit business providing financial freedom for all!

Why PlayBit needed a better way to get legal help

When PlayBit was getting off the ground, they had tried other legal membership services, but often found these services felt very commercial. PlayBit shares, "They didn't feel personal. We were always talking to someone different and we felt thrown around!"

When PlayBit needed to find legal help that offered a more personal and in depth attorney experience, they knew they finally found the right place.

How BizCounsel added a personal touch to legal help

PlayBit gave BizCounsel a call and found that BizCounsel stood out in a few key ways:

  • Responsive: PlayBit shares the number one thing they like about working with their BizCounsel attorney is that they're able to connect with their attorney even when they don't have a meeting scheduled. PlayBit said it adds a personal touch that their BizCounsel attorney checks in with them from time to time just to see how things are going.
  • Future planning: PlayBit was relieved that their BizCounsel attorney plans for the future and is able to make suggestions to them that they didn't even know existed!
  • Work with an entire team: According to PlayBit, when they had to move their business from one state to another, their BizCounsel attorney's entire law firm was there to make sure it got done right.

Personalized legal assistance means more time focused on doing what's right

“This is a first business for us, and our first time seeking legal help. We found other legal services first, but they didn't do what you wanted. If someone is starting a business, go straight to BizCounsel and don't fall for the commercial.”

Moving forward with BizCounsel, PlayBit knows they can focus on growing their company and helping their clients in the trading world, as their BizCounsel attorney is always there checking in and ensuring they're set up for success!

PlayBit believes that BizCounsel's approach is in tune with their approach to the world of trading. PlayBit simply said, "We’ve been using BizCounsel services for a while now and are really enjoying them."

Thank you for sharing your story with us,! We're excited to be a part of where your business grows next!

Working With Traditional Attorneys:

Impersonal attorneys, inconsistent customer experience

Working With BizCounsel:
  • Easy access to attorneys
  • Proactive attorney give peace of mind
  • A team of specialized attorneys

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  • Complete price transparency
  • No billing by the hour
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